1. (slang) Plural form of peter.; penises.
    • 1997: Shelby Scates, Warren G. Magnuson and the Shaping of Twentieth-Century America [1]
      You smile, act polite, shake their hands, then cut off their peters and put them in your pocket.” “Yes, Mr. President,” answered O"Brien.
    • 1998: Michael Robert Gorman, The Empress Is a Man: Stories from the Life of Jose Sarria [2]
      ... and you were there, and they acted like you weren"t even born yet?" "I"d say, "Yes, their memories are as long as their peters.""
    • 2002: Celia H Miles, Mattie"s Girl: An Appalachian Childhood [3]
      “It"s to put on their peters when they don"t want to make babies,” she said.

6 letters in word "peters": E E P R S T.

Anagrams of peters:

Words found within peters:

ee er ere eres ers erst es est ester et pe pee peer peers pees per pere peres perse perst pert perts pes pest pet peter petre pets pre pree prees pres prese prest pst re ree rees reest rep reps res reset rest ret rete retes rets see seep seer sept ser sere set speer spet spree st steep steer step stere strep te tee teer teers tees teres terse tes tree trees tres

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